Current Students

  • Alfataftah, Aseel
  • Brizendine, Ryan
    Islamic Studies / Asian Religions
    Dissertation Topic:
    “The Birth of Philosophical Sufism: Ibn ‘Arabi and Sadr al‑Din Qunawi’s Reconciliation of Rational and Inspired Knowledge, the Formation of a Mystical Science, and Its Translation in Mughal India”
  • Lessman, Michael
  • McCabe, Lillian
  • Nur, Ahmed
  • Price, Elizabeth
    Beth works on Islamic intellectual history with particular focus on theology, philosophy and polemics at the turn of the 11th century. Her current research addresses topics within moral epistemology, as well as debates concerning the nature of prophecy and revelation, in dialogue with rationalist or antinomian critiques. She is also interested in the broader influence of Mu‘tazilism across different religious traditions within the later medieval period. 
  • Sirgy, Dominique
    Islamic Studies / Ancient Christianity