RLST Graduate Student Funding

We have created an online form to submit requests for funding support for travel to conferences, or on behalf of your research, or for language study.

The department chair will review requests once a month and you will receive an email reply from a departmental administrative assistant by the end of the month. If you submit a request towards the end of the month, it might not be reviewed until the following month. Requests submitted earlier in the year will be more likely to be fulfilled due to limited funds.

In addition to the required fields, please also upload your supplementary documentation as a single pdf. Supplementary documentation should begin with a breakdown of estimated expenses, and include any additional information that records transportation or housing estimates as well as any other expenditures requiring support. If you are presenting at a conference, include proof of your presence on the schedule. We will be more likely to support requests that have already attempted other university funding sources (including the GSA, RITM, and MacMillan).

We may fund the entire requested amount. We may also fund one part of the request. Our hope is to support as many students as possible with these resources. On a related note, funding support awarded during the academic year must be used (and submitted for reimbursement, if applicable) by the end of that same academic year. Funding will not carry-over into the next year. You may, however, re-request the funding in the next academic year.