Ancient Christianity


Assistant Director of Graduate Studies (ADGS): Stephen J. Davis

Core Faculty Teaching Group in Ancient Christianity: Harold Attridge (Divinity/New Testament), Stephen J. DavisMaria DoerflerFelicity Harley-McGowan (Divinity/History of Art), Noel Lenski (Classics and History), Andrew McGowan (Divinity)

Cognate Area Faculty: Gerhard Böwering (Islamic Studies), Jimmy Daccache (Northwest Semitics), Michal Beth Dinkler (Divinity/New Testament), Steven Fraade (Ancient Judaism), Frank Griffel (Islamic Studies), Christine Hayes (Ancient Judaism), Yii-Jan Lin (Divinity/New Testament), Vasileios Marinis (Divinity, Art and Architecture), Robert Nelson (History of Art), Bryan Spinks (Divinity/Liturgics), Gregory S. Sterling (Divinity/New Testament), Travis Zadeh (Islamic Studies)

Information on the Ph.D. in Ancient Christianity

Yale is especially rich in resources for the study of Ancient Christianity. Students benefit from

The atmosphere is interdepartmental, interdisciplinary, and collegial: graduate students and faculty in Ancient Christianity meet with those from half a dozen graduate programs on antiquity every other Monday for a luncheon colloquium—the “Greco-Roman Lunch.” This informal occasion provides an opportunity for participants to present their own current research in a short, twenty-minute format, or to learn about the most recent work being conducted in other, related fields at Yale.

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