Asian Religions



Assistant Director of Graduate Studies: Supriya Gandhi

Teaching Faculty in Asian Religions: Eric Greene, Hwansoo Kim, Supriya Gandhi

Related faculty in other Departments:

  • Lucas Bender (East Asian Languages and Literatures)
  • Daniel Botsman (History)
  • Rohit De (History)
  • Valerie Hansen (History)
  • Subashini Kaligotla (Art History)
  • Denise Leidy (Yale Art Gallery, Curator of Asian Art)
  • Aleksandar Uskokov (South Asian Studies)
  • Mimi Yiengpruksawan (History of Art)

Description of the Program

The goal of the program is to train scholars and teachers of Asian religions with a primary competence in one tradition and geographical focus and a strong secondary competence in another Asian religion and geographical focus.

Students will do their thesis work in one area, while also taking courses in the second area. Thus a student doing thesis work on Chinese or Japanese Buddhism is expected to take courses on Indian and/or Tibetan religions, and a student concentrating on India will do some advanced course work on East Asian Buddhism. The intention is to allow students to have a broad acquaintance with developments in the study of Asian religions in general in addition to the more in-depth work required for research.

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