Teaching Faculty

The following faculty regularly teach courses of central interest to students in the EMWAR program:

Jimmy Daccache (Northwest Semitic Epigraphy and Languages: Ugaritic, Aramaic, Syriac)

Stephen J. Davis (Early and Medieval Christianity; Egyptian Christianity; Arabic Christianity; early Christian art and material culture)

Michal Beth Dinkler (New Testament; Early Christianity, literary theory)

Maria Doerfler (Eastern Christianity; Roman law; Scripture and its interpretation)

Judith Gundry (New Testament; women, gender and sexuality)

Felicity Harley-McGowan (Early Christian and medieval art)

Christine Hayes (Rabbinic Judaism; Talmud and Midrash; Scripture and its interpretation)

Yii-Jan Lin (New Testament; critical race theory; gender and sexuality)

Andrew McGowan (Early Christianity)

Teresa Morgan (New Testament, early Christianity, Greek and Roman religions, ethics)

Laura Nasrallah (New Testament and Early Christianity)

Eric Reymond (Biblical and Qumran Hebrew; Aramaic)

Gregory Sterling (New Testament; Hellenistic Judaism; Early Christianity)

Jacqueline Vayntrub (Hebrew Bible; Wisdom; biblical poetics)

Travis Zadeh (Qur’anic studies, eschatology, classical Arabic and Persian literary traditions, material and visual cultures).

Molly Zahn (Dead Sea Scrolls, Second Temple Judaism, and the Hebrew Bible)

Additional faculty with teaching and advising interests relevant to the EMWAR program:  

Joel Baden (Hebrew Bible; disability theory), David Charles (Philosophy), Milette Gaifman (Classics and History of Art), Irene Peirano Garrison (Classics), Verity Harte (Classics, Philosophy), Brad Inwood (Classics, Philosophy), Christina Kraus (Classics), Noel Lenski (Classics and History), Joseph Manning (Classics and History), Vasileios Marinis (Divinity, Art and Architecture), Robert Nelson (History of Art), Shawkat Toorawa (Near Eastern Languages and Civilization; Quran), Kevin van Bladel (Near Eastern Languages and Civilization; Sasanian Studies).