Teaching Fellowships

It is expected that the student will serve as a Teaching Fellow during the third and fourth years of the program, during which the student’s stipend is linked to serving as a TF, and beyond if suitable arrangements can be made. The TF position may entail grading of exams, papers, and/or other written work; leading discussion sections; and serving as a liaison between the course participants and the instructor, among other tasks. It is strongly desired that this teaching should be done at Yale, rather than in a program at another school. The TF program is intended to provide the student with pedagogical training for a future career in academia, where teaching is an essential part of the job description. To this end, students are encouraged to take advantage of the various resources available at Yale to support graduate teaching, especially, though not exclusively, the McDougal Graduate Teaching Program. In addition, students may (and perhaps should) request that the course instructor observe and comment on one or more of the TF-led sections.