Course Work

In the first year the normal load is four courses per semester. In the second year some students take fewer than four courses per semester. Each student must take at least one graduate seminar in OT/HB and at least one of the following advanced Hebrew courses each semester: Rapid Reading and the Syntax of Hebrew Prose, Problems in Biblical Hebrew Poetry, Problems in the History of the Hebrew Language, Text Criticism. Students normally fill in the remainder of their course schedules with aditional language work, biblical seminars, or courses in related fields, such as New Testament, Judaic Studies, Classics, Anthropology, or Literary Criticism.


Genesis and the Formation of the Pentateuch (RS) R. Wilson
The Book of Ezekiel (RS) R. Wilson
The Editing of the Book of Kings (RS) R. Wilson
Problems in the Book of Deuteronomy (RS) R. Wilson
The Prophetic Stories in Kings (RS) R. Wilson
Problems in the History of Israelite Religion (RS) R. Wilson
The History of Ancient Israel (RS) R. Wilson
Daniel and Related Literature (RS) J. Collins
Postexilic Prophecy (RS) J. Collins
Ezra and Nehemiah (RS) J. Collins
The Wisdom of Ben Sira (RS) J. Collins
Proverbs and Qohelet (RS) J. Collins
The History and Methods of the Interpretation of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible (RS) J. Collins and R. Wilson
Dead Sea Scrolls Seminar (RS) J. Collins and S. Fraade [topic changes each year; previous topic: Qumran Rule Books]
Second Temple Seminar (RS) J. Collins, S. Fraade, C. Hayes, and Participating Faculty [topic changes each year; previous topics: Ideas of Impurity in the Second Temple Period; Wisdom and Retribution]
The Book of Jeremiah (YDS) C. Sharp
Advanced Biblical Hebrew: Rapid Reading and the Syntax of Hebrew Prose (RS) R. Wilson
Problems in Biblical Hebrew Poetry: Job (RS) R. Wilson
Aramaic (NE) S. Bhayro
Ugaritic (NE) S. Bhayro
Ethiopic (NE) S. Bhayro
Comparative Semitic (NE) S. Bhayro
Beginning Akkadian (NE) B. Foster and Staff
Advanced Akkadian (NE) B. Foster and Staff
Egyptian (Early, Middle, and Late) (NE) J. Darnell and K. Simpson