The Faces of Torah Studies in the Texts and Contexts of Ancient Judaism in Honor of Steven Fraade

New Publication in Honor of Steven Fraade: The Faces of Torah

September 15, 2017
New Publication in Honor of Steven Fraade: ‘The Faces of Torah: Studies in the Texts and Contexts of Ancient Judaism in Honor of Steven Fraade’ This volume is a...

YSRS Lectures

August 8, 2017
Yale Seminar in Religious Studies 17-18 Lecture Series     MONDAY, OCTOBER 16, 4:00pm-6:00pm TOMOKO MAZUSAWA (University of Michigan) 451 College Street, B-04   THURSDAY,...

Noreen Khawaja Wins Prize

July 20, 2017
Noreen Khawaja, who has been awarded the Samuel and Ronnie Heyman Prize for Oustanding Scholarly Publication or Research by an untenured faculty member for her book The...

New Doctoral Field in Religion and Modernity

June 12, 2017
The Department of Religious Studies announces the creation of a new doctoral field in Religion and Modernity. The field brings together faculty and students in Religious...
Bronze token of Sing Sing Prison, Five. 1916. Yale University Art Gallery

Evelyn Hilbrich Davis wins Wrexham Prize

May 30, 2017
We are overjoyed to announce that the Wrexham Prize “for the best Senior essay in the field of the humanities” was awarded Monday, May 22, 2017 to Evelyn Hilbrich Davis.  ...
Charlie Rose Interviewing Philip Gorski

On "Charlie Rose," A Conversation With Philip Gorski

April 12, 2017
On “Charlie Rose,” a conversation with Philip Gorski.  He is professor of sociology and religious studies at Yale University. His new book is called “American Covenant: A...
A sign protests H.B. 2, a North Carolina law governing which restrooms transgender people can use

Do the Culture Wars Really Represent America?

April 9, 2017
  A new book argues that the country needs to reclaim the “vital c​enter” of politics.         Depending on who you’re talking to, the story of America’s founding may be told...