Grading in the Fall: RLST 491a

The DUS assigns first semester grades based on

1.       Timely submission of all required assignments in consultation with your advisor.  You must have completed the assignments on or before the deadlines listed in the senior essay calendar to receive a grade of SAT.  Two or more late submissions will lead to a grade of NSAT for RLST 491a.  These requirements are not negotiable.  Your advisor does not have the authority to override these requirements.

2.       Participation in ALL mandatory meetings as outlined in the timetable.  If you must miss two or more meetings without excuse, the DUS will not grant a SAT.

Extensions can only be granted by the DUS.  To be eligible for an extension you need a Dean’s excuse outlining the reason you cannot meet the deadline.

If you pass RLST 491a satisfactorily, your grade for 491a will be replaced at the end of the academic year by the grade of the essay.  However, should you receive a grade of NSAT for RLST 491a then your final grade for the entire course will be lowered by a third of a grade.  For example, if you received a grade of NSAT for RLST 491a and a grade of A-minus for your senior essay, the resulting grade for RLST 491a/RLST 492b will be a B+.

During the spring term, a grade of NSAT in 491a will be changed only if the grade was recorded in error.  There are no make-up assignments.

Students who receive an NSAT in RLST 491a should still complete RLST 492b.