Author(s): Miroslav Volf

Since the rise of modern industrial society, work has come to pervade and rule the lives of men and women. Although there have been many popular books on the Christian understanding of work, this is the first scholarly effort to articulate a developed Protestant theology. Volf interprets work from...
Author(s): Jon Butler

Challenging the formidable tradition that places early New England Puritanism at the center of the American religious experience. Yale historian Jon Butler offers a new interpretation of three hundred years of religious and cultural development. Butler stresses the instability of religion in...
Author(s): Daniel G. Reid (Author), Robert D. Linder (Author), Bruce L. Shelley (Author), Harry S. Stout (Author)

Awarded "Book of the Year" award, Christianity Today, l990This single volume does what most libraries cannot--placing at your fingertips the whole spectrum of individuals, traditions, institututions, denominations, events, and ideas that have influenced North American religion and culture.
Author(s): Margaret Farley

Author(s): edited by Phyllis Granoff

Edited by Phyllis GranoffTranslatted pp. 140-146The stories in this collection span almost one thousand years of story-telling in India. Most originate in North India and all were written by Jain monks for the education and amusement of the faithful. Jain literature is both righ and varied. Stories...
Author(s): Harold Attridge, with Helmut Koester

The first major and comprehensive English- language commentary on Hebrews in over fifty years. Presents a balanced and richly documented interpretation.
Author(s): Nathan O. Hatch (Editor), Harry S. Stout (Editor)

Universally recognized as a seminal figure in American intellectual history, Jonathan Edwards has been the focus of considerable scholarly attention in a variety of academic disciplines, including religion, history, literature, and philosophy. Because these disciplines discuss him in relation to...
Author(s): Mary Evelyn Tucker

Kaibara Ekken (1630–1714) was the focal Neo-Confucian thinker of the early Tokagawa period. He established the importance of Neo-Confucianism in Japan at a time when Buddhism had long been the dominant religious philosophy. This is the first book-length presentation of his thought. It...
Author(s): Edited by Robert R. Wilson, Gene M. Tucker and David L. Petersen

Essays in honor of Brevard S. Childs