Author(s): Bentley Layton

This definitive introduction to the gnostic scriptures provides a crucial look at the theology, religious atmosphere, and literary traditions of ancient Christianity and Hellenistic Judaism.Maps and tables.
Author(s): Wayne Meeks

By the time Christianity became a political and cultural force in the Roman Empire, it had come to embody a new moral vision. This wise and eloquent book describes the formative years-from the crucifixion of Jesus to the end of the second century of the common era-when Christian beliefs and...
Author(s): John J. Collins

The first and only book to explore the concept of  the Messiah in light of the radical new evidence  just discovered in the recently released Dead Sea  Scrolls. Recent figures in the news, such as the  self-proclaimed messiah David Koresh of the Branch  Davidians, and the prophetic Orthodox Rabbi  ...
Author(s): Phyllis Granoff (Author), Koichi Shinohara (Editor)

My contribution:  pp. 16-35; 150-207 Is the preoccupation with the self as important as people have assumed? This book explores some of the possible answers to this question by studying autobiographical and biographical writings outside the Euro-American tradition. The nine essays were written by...
Author(s): Barbara B. Oberg (Editor), Harry S. Stout (Editor)

This interdisciplinary collection of comparative essays by distinguished historians and literary critics looks at aspects of the thought of Jonathan Edwards and Benjamin Franklin and considers the place of these two men in American culture. Probably the two most examined figures of the colonial...
Author(s): David Kelsey

Kelsey argues that the central differences between various voices in theological education emerge most clearly when viewed in the light of "Athens", which views education as paideia, the goal of which is character formation and personal transformation, and "Berlin", which focuses on orderly,...
Author(s): John J. Colllins

The Hermeneia series is designed to produce commentaries on biblical books that emphasize the traditional disciplines of philology, textual and historical criticism, and the history of religion.  The commentaries written, therefore, contain a wealth of information and scholarly detail, and Collins...
Author(s): Sally Promey

“Promey’s book is a penetrating analysis of Shaker art…. The book is a gem, a true advance in Shaker studies, art history, religious history, and cultural history. Highly recommended.” – Choice “… a very intelligent and articulate… treatment of a stunning set of...
Author(s): Philip S. Gorski & Andrei S. Markovitz

This comprehensive, richly detailed history and political analysis of the German Left since 1945 focuses on the emergence of the Greens as the most influential anti-establishment party in Europe and possibly in the industrial, capitalist world, and shows how this process has fundamentally changed...
Author(s): edited by John A. Grim & Mary Evelyn Tucker

This issue of Bucknell Review provides an overview of the various traditional and contemporary worldviews as resources for thinking about ecology. It is increasingly clear that the environmental crisis is one of vast scale and complexity. It is also evident that the urgency of the problem is being...