Author(s): Edited by Charles Camic, Philip S. Gorski, and David M. Trubek

Max Weber's Economy and Society is widely considered the most important single work in sociology and among the most important in the history of the social sciences. This volume provides a critical and up-to-date introduction to Weber's magnum opus. While much has been published about the various...
Author(s): Margaret Olin

How do some monuments become so socially powerful that people seek to destroy them? After ignoring monuments for years, why must we now commemorate public trauma, but not triumph, with a monument? To explore these and other questions, Robert S. Nelson and Margaret Olin assembled essays from leading...
Author(s): Harold Attridge, with Margot Fassler

The Psalms appeal to the Jewish and Christian communities in their appeals for mercy, expressions of hope and devotion, and honest admissions of fear and doubt. Attridge (New Testament) and Fassler (sacred music) of Yale Divinity School and their contributors offer 25 perspectives on how the Psalms...
Author(s): Ms. Sarah Iles Johnston, with Harold Attridge, et al.

Religious beliefs and practices, which permeated all aspects of life in antiquity, traveled well-worn routes throughout the Mediterranean: itinerant charismatic practitioners journeying from place to place peddled their skills as healers, purifiers, cursers, and initiators; and vessels decorated...
Author(s): Stephen J. Davis

This volume, the first in a three part series, examines the evolving role of the Alexandrian patriarchate from the firstto the seventh century CE. Focusing on representations of the patriarchs in both literature and art, I argue that theidentity of the Egyptian church and its leadership was shaped...
Author(s): Miroslav Volf, with William H. Katerberg

Over the last three decades a major cultural shift has taken place in the attitudes of Western societies toward the future. Modernity’s eclipse by postmodernity is characterized in large part by the loss of hope for a future substantially better than the present. Old optimism about human...
Author(s): John J. Collins

This accessible introduction to the Hebrew Bible, including the Apocrypha, features a CD-ROM that uses Libronix software and offers extensive additional materials, including discussion questions, maps, illustrations, and Web resources.
Author(s): Ivan G. Marcus

In this original and sweeping review of Jewish culture and history, Ivan G. Marcus examines how and why various rites and customs celebrating stages in the life cycle have evolved through the ages and persisted to this day. For each phase of life - from childhood, adolescence, adulthood, to the...
Author(s): Thomas Ogletree

Thomas Ogletree has devoted much of his career to exploring the significance of Ernst Troeltsch's seminal work, The Social Teaching of the Christian Churches. The articles in The World Calling use a Troeltschian lens to explore fundamental issues underlying any Christian social witness in the...
Author(s): Jonathan Edwards (Author), John E. Smith (Editor), Harry S. Stout (Editor), Kenneth P. Minkema (Editor)

Prepared by editors of the series "The Works of Jonathan Edwards", this anthology includes selected treatises, sermons and autobiographical material by Jonathan Edwards, early America's great theologian and philosopher.