The Religion of Business - this Friday in HGS 211!

The Religion of Business - In Honor of Sarah Hammond
Publication Date: 
December 4, 2017

In the afternoon on Friday, December 8, the Department of Religious Studies will be hosting a book symposium and celebration of life in honor of the recent publication of God’s Businessmen: Entrepreneurial Evangelicals in Depression and War and its author, Sarah Hammond (1977-2011), who received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Yale.

The afternoon event, titled, “The Religion of Business: In Honor of Sarah Hammond” is a symposium including Kati Curts, Darren Dochuk, Lerone Martin, and Chad Seales commenting on her book. Anyone interested in the study of evangelicalism, twentieth-century conservative politics in America, and the intersection of religion and economics will find something of interest in this work and the planned discussions around it.

Sarah touched many lives while she was at Yale, ranging in her coursework and teaching assignments far afield from her designated area of American Religious History. The afternoon symposium is open to the public. 

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