Figuring the Future

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Saturday, April 27, 2019 - 9:15am to 5:15pm
Miller Hall (PROS406) See map
406 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06511
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Figuring the Future | Saturday, April 27
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9:15-10.30 | Finding the “future” | Chair: Hwansoo Kim
• Phyllis Granoff, “The Future? Some answers from Indian philosophical and narrative literature”
• James Robson, “The Future is now: the problem of the present in Buddhism”

10.45-12.45 | Many Futures | Chair: Elizabeth Sharf
• Usha Colas-Chauhan, “Human rebirth and divine Creation: contingent futures?”
• Robert Sharf, “Sarvāstivāda, the Block Universe, and Superdeterminism.”
• Olivia Stewart Lester “The Future—or the Lack Thereof—in the Jewish-Christian Sibylline Oracles.”

1.45-3:00 | Many Futures | Chair : Koichi Shinohara
• Kirsten Wolf, “The Future from the Perspective of an Ancient Seeress.”
• Adela Collins, “The Future and its Impact on the Present in Christian Apocalypses.”

3.15-5.15 | The future: for Better or Worse | Chair: Eben Graves

• John Collins, “Not One World But Two. Despair and Hope in Jewish Apocalypticism.”
• Michael Nylan, “No Future with a Capital ‘F’: Why the Ancients in Early China Thought More Clearly about Most Things”
• Daniela Berti, “Predicting Species Survival and the Future of Wildlife in India”

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