Senior Essay Calendar - Spring 2018

January 10 - 16

Register for RLST 492b.

Tuesday, January 30 to March 6

We will meet weekly and students will give presentations on their senior essay topics to the DUS and their classmates during the Senior Essay meeting time (Tuesdays 9:25 - 11:15). Describe your project, identify the methods employed in your research to-date, and summarize your preliminary results and conclusions.

Tuesday, February 13

One Chapter of Essay DUE to your advisor and DUS.

Tuesday, March 27

First Draft of Essay DUE to your advisor and DUS.

Monday, April 16

FINAL DEADLINE for submission of completed SENIOR ESSAY.  Three copies must be submitted by 5pm on this date: one to the advisor, one to the second reader, one to the DUS. (it is your responsibility to print and distribute the three copies of the essay to each of these reads.)


  •  Please note that your advisor may set additional deadlines for your progress.  •