Senior Essay Calendar - Fall 2017


Please note that your advisor may set additional deadlines for your progress.


August 21 - 29

Register for RLST 491a, The Senior Essay

Tuesday, September 12

Mandatory Meeting #1 (9:25 - 11:15)

September 4 to 8

Choose and meet with your designated advisor by September 18.  Be sure to fill-out a Statement of Intent (for form, click here)
The advisor has a page to complete, too - for that form, click here.

Tuesday, September 19

Mandatory Meeting #2 (9:25 - 11:15)
Statement of Intent DUE to the DUS.

September 19 to October 3

Attend one mandatory Library Research Colloquium, run by Suzanne Estelle-Holmer, the Yale Librarian for Religious Studies. Schedule an individual research meeting with Ms. Estelle-Holmer. Complete the Library Research Colloquium Form (for form, click here)

Tuesday, October 3

Mandatory Meeting #3 (9:25 - 11:15)
Library Research Colloquium form DUE to the DUS.

Tuesday, October 10

Prospectus DUE to your advisor and DUS.
Drop this off before you leave for autumn break.

Tuesday, October 24

Mandatory Meeting #4 (9:25 - 11:15)

Tuesday, November 7

Annotated Bibliography DUE to your advisor and DUS.

Tuesday, November 14

Mandatory Meeting #5 (9:25 - 11:15)

Tuesday, November 28

10-page Draft or Detailed Outline DUE to your advisor and DUS.