Name Year Areas of Interest
Paul Allen 4th Old Testament / Hebrew Bible more
Awet Andemicael 2nd Theology more
Elizabeth Anderson 4th Theology more
Sonja Anderson 5th New Testament more
April Benson-Scearce 1st American Religious History more
Sofia Betancourt Sofia Betancourt 5th AFAM/Religious Ethics:Womanist and mujerista postcolonial/liberation theologies, their impact on religious ethics, and the connection of key protest... more
Ryan Brizendine 1st Islamic Studies more
Eric Bugyis Eric Bugyis 7th Philosophy of Religion:Immanuel Kant, Post-Kantian Continental Philosophy, Theory for Religious Studies, Aesthetic and Political Theory, Contemporary... more
Laura Carlson 2nd Old Testament / Hebrew Bible more
Yousef Casewit Yousef Casewit 4th Islamic Studies:Sufism, Theology, Law, and Philosophy in the Muslim West more
Lang Chen 7th Asian Religions more
Matthew Croasmun Matthew Croasmun 6th New Testament:Mythology of the Pauline worldview more
Kati Curts 4th American Religious History more
Ryan Darr 2nd Religious Ethics more
Elizabeth Davidson 6th Ancient Christianity more
Scott Davis 3rd Ancient Christianity more
Lynna Dhanani 3rd Asian Religions more
Terry (TJ) Dumansky 5th Theology more
James Dunn 1st Theology:My current research looks at differing Christian accounts of the relationship between nature and grace in the late medieval and early modern... more
Brad East 2nd Theology:Ecclesiology, scriptural interpretation, doctrine of the Trinity, political theology (esp. ethics of war and nonviolence); figures include... more
Mary Farag 4th Ancient Christianity more
Hamed Fayazi Hamed Fayazi 1st Islamic Studies:My main research interests are tafsir, kalam, and Shi'ite studies. I am currently working on the issue of ta'wil; I would like... more
Thomas Feeney Thomas Feeney 5th Philosophy of ReligionAnother website where Thomas can be found: more
Andrew Forsyth Andrew Forsyth 3rd Religious Ethics:He has particular interests at the nexus of Christian theology, moral and political philosophy, and the common law legal tradition;... more
Janna Gonwa 1st Theology more
Aleksandra Gordeeva 2nd Asian Religions more
Ellen Gough 5th Asian Religions:Medieval and Present-day Jainism, Tantra, South Asian art and ritual  more
Simcha Gross 3rd Judaic Studies more
Alison Gruseke 5th Old Testament / Hebrew Bible more
Christina Harker Christina Harker 6th New Testament:I am mostly interested in Paul, his letter to the Galatians, notions of Empire, the Greco-Roman world, its sciences, ancient time-... more
Mark Holum 3rd Asian Religions more
Alexandra Kaloyanides 5th Asian Religions:American Religious History, 19th-century American missionary encounters with South Asian religions more
Rebecca Kamholz 2nd Judaic Studies more
Sarah Koenig 6th American Religious History more
Benjamin Korenstein 3rd Old Testament / Hebrew Bible  more
Matthew Larsen Matthew Larsen 2nd New Testament:My primary academic interests include early Christian narratives (especially the Gospel of Mark), rhetorical criticism, ... more